SIP Tea Club

Explorers Tea Box

For those seeking exploration

pure teas, blended & flavored black and herbal teas

Traditional Tea Box

For the established tea drinker

pure black teas, blended and flavored black teas

Herbal Tea Box

For those pursuing tranquility

only caffeine-free herbal teas    

3-month, $120

Sip’s monthly tea club is an easy way to taste a variety of new tea flavors every month. It’s a perfect gift too! Delivery is available throughout the US.  This 3-month (6 bags total) subscription will quench the thirst of casual tea drinkers and tea enthusiasts alike. Each month, you will receive two (2) types of loose leaf tea (2 to 4 ounces per bag, depending on individual tea weight). Teas are selected seasonally and change monthly. On average, monthly teas are not repeated for 6-12 months, depending on the package selected, so regular subscribers will continue to be introduced to a new selection. As a small “thank you”, the first month’s box will include a stainless steel tea ball infuser that is ideal for steeping your perfect cuppa’!

Monthly Tea Club boxes are mailed the first week of every month (except for January which is mailed on the 15th).